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Fully Traceable to each Harvest

It takes time, patience and commitment to produce Wester Ross Artisan Scottish Salmon and we are justifiably proud of our fish. All Wester Ross whole fish and fillets are tagged with a unique serial number. This tag is our commitment to traceability, so you can be confident that your salmon is genuinely ours and was produced in accordance with the Wester Ross core values of welfare, sustainability and all natural hand rearing.

If you believe you have purchased a salmon that has been misrepresented as Wester Ross, please contact us. Our team will be happy to check our register of gill tag numbers to determine if the salmon you purchased was indeed an authentic Wester Ross fish.  We keep a record of all our numbers and can trace every individual fillet and whole fish, back to each harvest date.

Each box label also contains unique information, allowing full traceability to the harvest date and the age of each salmon!

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To place a wholesale order for the UK or overseas, or to enquire about purchasing our salmon, please call our dedicated sales number
+(0)44 1349 866 222 and one of our team will be able to handle your enquiry personally.

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Sheryl julian, the boston globe, march 2019